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"Darkest Secrets of Charisma" - improve your confidence - book written by Tom Marcoux

“Darkest Secrets of Charisma” – improve your confidence – book written by Tom Marcoux

“What’s one thing I need so I become truly successful?” my new client Adam asked.

“You need to be skillful about handling fear,” I replied.

Over years of running companies, I’ve learned that fear arises every week. That is, if you’re doing your job correctly in making things happen. You’re supposed to be stretching and growing. You’re supposed to be doing things you’ve never done before.

As an Executive Coach and the Spoken Word Strategist, I’ve said to clients: “How can you do anything fresh if you don’t do something different?”

Picture this. You’ll do better if you can reliably shift your perspective on purpose.

Think of your personal perspective as a zoom-lens.

The zoom-lens has multiple settings.

All of us are familiar with “zooming in” which brings something far away, closer to us.

Another setting is “zoomed out to wide angle” – that is, when we can see a wider expanse.

  1. Let’s begin with “Zooming in.”

You can think of an overall vision, and that’s zooming in. As a feature film director, I know that the zoom lens pulls a picture toward you.

  1. Change to “Zoomed Out.”

You also need to see the whole picture – that’s the zoom-lens in the “zoomed-out” mode, giving you the vision of a wide-angle lens.

  1. Focus on something close to you now.

Once, I guided a particular client as I said, “You’re zooming-in on the horizon. But your shoe is untied. So turn the ‘camera’ of your consciousness to your shoe. Take care of what is right here and right now.”

We begin to do better in life by using this question: What is the best use of your effort and time in this moment NOW?

If you’re stuck in fear, you’re probably focused on something dis-empowering.

Shift your perspective. Zoom-in on your overall vision (that is, bring the picture of the bright future close to you.).

The second step is crucial. Change your focus to this present moment.

Ask yourself this empowering question: What is the best use of my effort and time in this moment NOW?

I’ve worked with clients who have a big, compelling goal to work on. Still, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of that big dream. It’s understandable that the goal feels “So Big!” – and that it is overwhelming.

Here’s what you can do.

Shift your focus to the present moment. What is one small thing that you can do to move in a positive forward direction?

My clients have said that they can do these small actions:

  • Rehearse before making a vital phone call
  • Write up two “if-then alternatives” so they’re ready for certain objections their customer is likely to raise
  • Take a 10-minute walk at lunch time to refresh themselves to be productive in the afternoon

You handle fear by training yourself to shift your focus point so you can be productive.

Now it’s your turn. What can you do in the next 10 minutes that will help you make some incremental progress?

Shift your focus and manifest the life you truly want.



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