Get the Boost to Success — Use the Power of “The Sacred 9”

What can be your happy moments?

Imagine performing at your best in the moment. Several years ago, in a theme park, I helped my mom by pushing her wheelchair. My mom had been a strong woman, but at this point, she needed her wheelchair and me to get her around. In this Universal Studios theme park, an actor portrayed a feature film director, complete with beret and riding pants. He called out to park attendees, “Okay. All you extras stand over here.”

The “film director” took one look at my mom in the wheelchair, and he said, “No more stunts for you.”

My mom, dad and I laughed. What a joy!

This is my go-to example about any of us being in the moment and performing at our best. You can uplift your life and get a boost to success. It’s about making the most of the moment.

I’m hoping that actor identified his delivery of the line and his making us laugh as a Moment of Victory.

This leads into my first of two powerful methods to Get the Boost to Success.

With my clients, I focus on the D.O. Process:

D — design your Personal Victory
O — optimize “The Sacred 9”

1. Design your Personal Victory

During the current health crises and other crises in the world, several people I know have reported that it has been hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Instead, when you design a personal victory — an action to take first thing in the morning — you can bound out of bed.

For example, I’m currently working on my fourth novel in my “Jenalee Storm” series of books (an urban fantasy series which I write under a pen name. See the fun video.)

For my daily, morning personal victory, I write a minimum of 300 words. By setting the bar low, I’m not intimidated. Even better, I often write 450 words, 821 words or 917 words.

Later in the day, I read a portion of what I’ve written to someone in my inner circle of friends and loved ones.

Each day I get two joyful sessions focused on my progress with writing.

What can you do for 15 or 20 minutes in the morning to jumpstart your day?

2. Optimize “The Sacred 9”

Many of us feel blocked by fear when it’s time to do something new.

I developed a process I call “The Sacred 9” as I created an online course, The Work From Home Solution — Unleash Your Secret WealthI wanted to develop material that was fresh, compelling, and valuable.

Here is The Sacred 9:

· 3 Essential Elements
· 3 Deadly Mistakes
· 3 Countermeasures to the Deadly Mistakes

The Sacred 9 is a process to help you hone-in on the most important elements of a new course of action.

Some people get caught up in small things and a sequence of tasks. Instead, it’s vital to identify the 3 Essential Elements. This is a springboard that guides you to discover what is most important that leads to success.

Here’s an example from my online course The Work From Home Solution. To gain a new client, one essential element is: Engage Their Trust. We do this by listening well and asking well-considered follow-up questions. That’s how the prospective client knows that we care and that we’re fully engaged with what concerns that person.

Here is a different example (again from The Work From Home Solution). A Deadly Mistake when you seek to gain a client is: Let an objection twist your emotions and get you to skip steps.

Often a prospective client will object to your process of getting to know them. This person will say, “Just tell me what this is going to cost.” He or she is pushing for you to skip steps. Instead, it helps to assure the person with something like: “I’ll get to the cost estimate as soon as I can. I want to make it accurate and useful for you. So how about I ask a couple of questions, so you know I really understand your current situation. You can let me know what really bothers you and what you feel a solution will create for you. Sound good?”

For example, a new client came to me with his first guess: He wanted three 30-minute videos. Fortunately, I asked effective questions and ultimately the client was delighted with three 5-minute videos that were true showcases for his three team members. With skillful editing, I made three people, who were not professional speakers, come across as compelling and trustworthy. The viewers would feel their expertise and hire these three experts.

When you engage a new person’s trust, you’ll be able to deliver what they really want. A new client wants hope and certainty.

They want the hope that you are going to solve their situation and handle their pain-points. They also want to hear your certainty that you will serve them on a level where they feel delighted.

In summary, when you nurture your personal energy with a Morning Personal Victory and when you use The Sacred 9, you open the door to unprecedented success. You’ll enjoy a Boost to Success.

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Tom Marcoux, Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach
CEO, International Speaker-Author of 48 Books on Amazon,
including the book Convince Investors to Fund You: The Insider’s Guide to Avoid Deadly Mistakes and Gain Real Success with Your Startup Business

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