Get Your Real Success — Use Something BETTER than Willpower!

pitchconfidenceworkshopadYes — you can do better in life and business.

You need to be skilled to overcome The Deadly Three: Fear, Hesitation, and Procrastination.

How? Build your “Extreme Confidence Skills.”

The Golden Key for Real Success: Replace Willpower with a System
Researchers at Stanford University identified that willpower is like a muscle; it wears out as the day goes along. That’s why I eat salad for breakfast.

[Special Note: You do NOT even need motivation. For example, I’ve coached clients to automatically send an email after completing a marketing phone call. No hesitation. No getting up to use the restroom. No time to let the writing of the email become a bigger, scarier activity. Just an automatic behavior — which is part of a Good System.]

To perform at your best, you need something more powerful than just being confident about “the text” – that is, the actual words of your speech, pitch or sales presentation.

Here’s the solution: You learn special methods I call “Recovery Methods.” Then, you’re confident that you can handle anything that comes up. With this extra level of confidence, you rise to what I call Extreme Confidence. Then you can Perform at Your Best.

A prime element of Extreme Confidence is training in ways to adapt to anything that arises.

For example, let’s say you’re giving a speech, pitch or sales presentation … What if your mind goes blank? Extreme Confidence skills provide you with Recovery Methods so you handle tough moments with poise.

Here’s the important distinction: Rehearsing the text is not enough. You do better when you rehearse Recovery Methods.

Recovery Methods are techniques we use to regain our balance when something goes wrong. Recovery Methods are a foundational part of Extreme Confidence.

Extreme Confidence is when you KNOW that you know how to adapt to anything that arises.

For the times when you need to be on your toes, you need to be able to adapt and pivot quickly.

Here’s an example. I was giving a speech at IBM. My mind went BLANK. I was stuck. Inside, I felt: “Augh! I’m so embarrassed.”

What could I do? What would you do?

On the inside, I was panicking. On the outside, I took a breath and said, “I’ll need to pause for a moment. My brain needs more RAM.”

Those tech folks at IBM thought that a RAM (Random Access Memory) joke was hilarious!

As I work with a client, I help her find her own language—those words that feel comfortable specifically for her. Then we practice. I call out: “Your mind just went blank. Use a Recovery Method.”

This helps my client rise to the level of Extreme Confidence. She gets to the point that she KNOWS that she can recover—and truly connect with her audience.

Conventional Approach: Rehearse the text.
Extreme Confidence Approach: Rehearse Recovery Methods, too.

Here’s the Point: You rehearse Recovery Methods so you feel an extra layer of confidence throughout your presentation.

Special Note:
Earlier I mentioned: The Golden Key for Real Success: Replace Willpower with a System.

When I work with a client, we plug the person’s unique situation into a number of systems.

Here is an example.

One of my clients, Susan, wanted to give a speech. I introduced her to Elements that Create a Great Connection with the Audience (a system). As part of this process, I worked with Susan so she had options:

  • 3 options for a bit of self-deprecating humor
  • 3 options for a detail that shows your vulnerability
  • 3 options for a detail that reveals your “youthful” enthusiasm that got you connected with [her topic]. (I said, “We’ll place this into a story. Your enthusiasm will wash over the audience. And, enthusiasm is attractive.”)

After we had the options, we could test which elements were a good fit for Susan, and we could see how test audiences responded.

My point is: With a system, you do NOT have to force yourself to create a great performance. Working with a coach makes the whole process doable and often so powerful that you’re surprised.

Vital News: Attend Tom Marcoux’s workshop “Pitch with Extreme Confidence: The Pitch Hacking Method” on April 20, 2017.  You will learn to:

· Experience Real Confidence
· Seize the Investors’ Attention
· Answer Tough Questions with Poise
· Let Go of Fear and Nervousness
· Use Confident Body Language
· Handle Tough Moments (even if your mind goes blank)

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