Use the Most Important Thing for YOUR Great New Year!


Make 2017 your Great New Year: Use Tom Marcoux ‘s book “Year of Awesome!

“Tell me one thing that will make my year better,” said Jenny, a person next to me on a flight to San Francisco.

I smiled. That’s a usual approach of harried business people. “I can answer that in six words: ‘Think new thoughts; do new things.’”

How? It comes down to one method that I use often in my work as an Executive Coach, Pitch Coach and the Spoken Word Strategist. My clients rely on me to ask the timely, compelling questions to help them expand their thinking and get into effective action.

We’ll explore 5 Powerful Questions for Your Great New Year:

[Be sure to write your answers in a journal or via your smartphone. Write it and live it—then enjoy it. That is, really enjoy your life.]

  1. What are you afraid of?

Let’s face the truth together. Fear is part of the successful path. It’s here at this moment.

Here’s my view: When you’re in action, you’re focused, and fear is a quiet voice in the background.

Write down what you fear, and it feels smaller. Then quickly write your responses to this question: What Are 10 Ways I Can Move Forward? Pause. What does your gut or intuition pull you to do today? Take a step forward based on your positive intentions.

  1. What wish would you ask for?

Several people I’ve talked with have shut down their own imagination. They will not even consider something great, big and new for their lives. Sure, they do not know how they can do something big and different. That’s not the first task. The first task is to consult your heart and find out what you really want. For example, one of my big dreams is that Disney will buy my company some years from now and that they continue my entertainment franchise Jack AngelSword beyond my lifespan. Do I know all the steps between now and when Disney continues my work? No. But I do know what I’d like to see happen.

How about you? What would you wish for?

  1. Where can you get help?

Someone can help you leap to higher levels of success and happiness. A coach. A co-worker. A new contact who introduces you to a key person to raise your game.

  1. What can you do differently? How will you measure it?

You want something better in life—do something differently. Your previous actions have gained you what you have in this moment. Try something new. Take an appropriate risk.

For years, I wrote books that included ways people could improve their lives–including meditation. I had to admit that I was not meditating regularly. Then I did something different: I did a session for 3 minutes in the morning before turning on any electronic device. Since that time, I’ve been doing my morning session for months. I feel better! That is a benefit from doing something different.

Measure your progress. Ned, one of my clients, logs how many words he writes each day for his first book.

  1. How can you improve relationships?

Are you doing things that support your various relationships—business and personal? The opportunities you want relate to people you know and ones you have not met yet. Often, I ask, “How can I be supportive of what you’re doing?”

If you want to build a positive, supportive network of contacts, you need to be proactive in how you support and encourage other people. Start today.


In summary, we’re talking about using Powerful Questions so you can create a map to make this New Year better!

Take a step forward today.


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