Don’t Wait for “Motivation” — Get in Action — Make 2017 a Better Year

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“I just can’t get motivated,” my new client Alice said.

“Let’s set aside trying to get motivated for a moment,” I replied. “For many of us, it’s just a matter of setting a system. For example, I meditate every day.”


“Upon awakening, I set out my candle and my timer,” I replied, “And I meditate BEFORE I turn on any electronic device. This is my system.”

S – set aside resistance
E – energize yourself
T – target 3 Levels of Goals

  1. Set aside resistance

A good system acknowledges that human beings often resist what is good for them.

For example, I eat salad for breakfast. Why? Salad is just not fun for me. Research from Stanford University notes that people’s willpower (like a muscle) wears out as the day goes along. So what helps? Do the tough thing early in the day. I eat salad for breakfast. That is a good system.

Now it’s your turn. How can you turn aside your own resistance? At what time during the day do you have more energy? Will you apply that time and energy to something that you find difficult to do?

  1. Energize yourself

Sometimes a break is exactly what you need to get into action. For example, when I edit some writing, I’ll feel myself “running out of fuel.” So I get up and walk over to another room and get some water.

I return renewed and my brain can offer new, fresh insights. In essence, a break has renewed my energy.

Now it’s your turn. Will you implement breaks in your day? Will you find ways to augment your energy in healthy ways? (Sometimes, a 10-minute walk will help.)

  1. Target 3 Levels of Goals

A good system helps you keep connected with what really moves you—what gets you into action.

Some people are not putting more energy into accomplishing their dreams because their goals are too weak.

To make things work better, I guide my clients to have 3 Levels of Goals: Good, Excellent, and Amazing!

Some authors feel good when they’re selling 30 books a month. They consider selling 3,000 copies to be Amazing! The characteristic of Amazing!-Goals is that they require connecting with others. We can invite others to help us make things happen.

So a good system can include different elements. The author can write blog articles. That can be related to a Good Goal.

Then to have more energy, the author can work toward the expansive Amazing!-Goal. She can call one other author per day toward forming alliances.

One of my mentors guided me to ask for (at least) one referral a day. That’s working toward Goals on the levels of Excellent and Amazing!

Now it’s your turn. How can you include a few tasks which would propel you toward your Amazing!-Goals? Who can you call to start mutually beneficial relationships?

In summary, do NOT wait for motivation. Just set a system and get into motion. Once in motion, you’ll do more and more.

Isaac Newton formulated The First Law of Motion that includes the idea: “a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion …”

The big benefit of your system is that it gets you into motion—the kind of motion that leads to significant and positive results. When you consistently get yourself in motion each day—you’ll make 2017 a terrific year!



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