How to Get More Done—2 Powerful, Simple Methods!

Get More Done! Get Tom Marcoux 's book "Soar! Nothing Can Stop You This Year!"

Get More Done! Get Tom Marcoux ‘s book “Soar! Nothing Can Stop You This Year!”

“I’m just not getting enough done,” Serena, a new client, said.

“What’s holding you back?” I asked.

“I try to do each step perfectly. If I’m going to leave a voicemail, I want my script to be perfect. Or I don’t call and leave a voicemail for a prospective customer,” Serena said.

“Sounds like you could use The 80% Solution,” I said.

The 80% Solution is a reminder to avoid letting perfectionism stand in your way. Some time ago, I heard a speaker mention the 80% Solution. The idea is to move forward and to avoid waiting to attempt to do things perfectly.

Except for performing surgery, many things in life can work and still be imperfect. For example, you could make an imperfect phone call and still get the business. It’s important to get into action! Make the phone calls, send the emails, mail the gifts. Meet in-person with people you want in your network.

Life is about success, not perfection. – Alan Weiss

Even if you had a perfect script to use while talking with a prospective customer, that person is going to shake you up with new questions and new ideas. Aim to learn with every call and every meeting. Get in the game. Take action today and learn as you go.


Use the Power of “No Hesitation”

Sometimes, when I get together with one of my video editors, the video project looks like a real mountain to climb. Our first feeling is: “I don’t know where to start.”

I say, “No hesitation.” We simply jump into the editing efforts. Sure, the first edit is a mess. However, once you get started, the mountain wears down to being a hill.

Some of us must make a lot of phone calls during the day. Exclaim “No hesitation” and get going fast.

The essence of is “Instantly Get Better; Maximize Your Life.”

Maximizing your life is about taking “proper action.” One of my mentors emphasized “proper action.” For example, I’ve found it helpful to call a person and ask, “Is this a good time to talk?” To me, that’s “proper action” because I want to give us the chance to be comfortable and to really connect. If the person says, “I need to finish something now,” I set (with the person) a convenient time for me to call again.

If I get the intuitive thought to call someone, I often say, “No hesitation.” And I call that person.

It helps to practice ways to cultivate your intuition. That meant so much to me that I wrote a book that shares such methods—Soar! Nothing Can Stop You This Year! [CLICK HERE to look inside this book].

Here I will share this point: Intuition is like a friend. If you act on your intuitive thoughts, your intuition functions as if it’s saying, “Oh, you’re listening to me. I’ll offer you more insights.”

If you find yourself getting stuck, remember the 80% Solution and “No Hesitation.”*


* Some situations go better when you put in more thought. If you sense that you have a situation that requires more thought, give yourself “thinkspace.” You could say, “Let me check my schedule. How about I get back to you tomorrow afternoon about that.”

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