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I’m offering with the Online Course something special that I’ve never offered before: “The Toolkit for Closing Transactions at $12,000 or Higher.” I’m sharing Special Secrets for you to get Premium, High Profit Clients! Now, you might think that you’re not at that level yet. But the truth is that the methods that work at that the $12,000 level can often be applied as you rise higher.

June 11, 2018 – My Online Course “The Introvert’s Formula to Get Clients” begins.
See this 4.2 min. video to learn a secret about how to deal with the “money objection” and learn about the Online Course.

Learn more here in this 8 min. video — including the #1 Secret for Introvert’s Get Clients … and 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid.

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Additionally, the course will be customized to the people who participate at this time.

You will also have opportunities to work with partners and to truly integrate new methods so that you do NOT dread the process to get new clients. Instead you will find it an easy and actually encouraging process to get clients.

Highlights of Material Covered in Introvert’s Formula to Get Clients Online Course

  • The Introvert’s Formula to Get Clients helps you make sales without being pushy. This course is  based on material that I teach MBA students with their textbook Relax, You Don’t Have to Sell
  • Topics cover Guarding your energy, Strategy and Rehearsal – all needed for getting clients. 
  • Techniques to successfully work with difficulties about money objections: “It’s so expensive” and “This costs too much” 
  • Strategies to successfully work with difficulties with “I have to wait” and “I need to talk to someone” 
  • Techniques to develop Extreme Confidence for your one-on-one conversation to enroll a client 
  • Develop Extreme Confidence for your speaking in front of an audience to guide them to have one-on-one conversations (after your speech so that you can enroll them) 
  • Strategies to shift a prospective client out of feeling lack and fear 
  • Strategies to use Recovery Methods which are a foundational pillar of Extreme Confidence 
  • Strategies to start with the Introvert Advantage of Thinking It Through and upgrade it to Rehearse It Through 
  • Techniques to find your strength through using Preset Strategies and your Refined and Fluid Scripts. 
  • Overcome a huge problem for introverts in terms of lacking a preset strategy for the various enrolling situations – Learn to use If-Then Patterns 
  • Strategies to guard your energy and avoid the “All-or-none approach” 
  • Strategies to make the most of the few and best networking events that you attend 
  • Strategies so that you are perceived as genuine and trustworthy with one conversation partner 
  • Strategies to create Trust by using engaging questions and follow-up questions 
  • Strategies so that you create a Compelling Story to enroll clients 
  • Question and Answer Session recording to help you pivot in the moment when you make an enrollment call … How you can stay strong and hold the Sacred Space so the prospective client feels the pain which actually puts them into action (and they enroll in which you’re offering) 
  • Use Skills to Express Charisma 
  • Identify the three forms of Charisma including Warm Trust Charisma 
  • Strategies to use the Reflective Reply so that people know that you care and that they can trust you 
  • More information of how to use the Fab Four of Your Advantages as an Introvert 
  • Strategies to help you Rise Up from traditional selling to something better called enrolling 
  • How to use enrolling and setting the agenda at the beginning of your call so that people naturally go through the steps and connect with you and trust you. Then they enroll in what you’re offering 
  • Strategies to develop your Signature Speech so that audiences sign up for a free breakthrough strategy session with you 
  • Learn and Customize the exact language that gets the audience excited to take action during your speech so that they sign up immediately 
  • Strategies and insights so that you release the brakes so that you skillfully use persuasion skills and feel good about the process 
  • Strategies of how to use Ultimate Persuasion Skills that involve helping the prospective clients convince themselves of what is most important to them and that it is valuable to go forward and enroll in what you’re offering 
  • Strategies shared in a Question and Answer session about how to use an Elevator Dialogue instead of a canned elevator speech.

So, you’re ready to register for the Online Course?
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