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Tom Marcoux brings decades of leadership experience to coaching clients and audiences in extraordinary leadership skills.

Tom Marcoux, Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist — and CEO
  • “Tom Marcoux coached me to get more done in 10 days than other coaches in 2 years.” – Brad Carlson, CEO, Mindstrong, LLC
  • “Using just one of Tom Marcoux’s methods, I got more done in 2 weeks than 6 months.” Jaclyn Freitas, M.A.

Tom Marcoux helps you accomplish big dreams.

Spoken Word Strategist Tom Marcoux is an Executive Coach and Guest lecturer (STANFORD UNIVERSITY), winner (special award at EMMYS). Tom directed a feature film that went to CANNES FILM MARKET. Author of 44 books, CEO Tom leads teams (U.K., India, USA). (Member, National Speakers Association, over 16 years) Tom guides clients and audiences (Linkedin, Sun Microsystems, IBM and more). Tom teaches Authentic Marketing for Sofia University based on his book (named required textbook), Relax You Don’t Have to Sell: How to Make Sales Without Being Pushy. The San Francisco Examiner says that Tom is “The Personal Branding Instructor.” Tom’s popular online course is “Get the Big YES: Use Extreme Confidence to Get Clients and Get It Done!”  – (visitors from 100 countries)

Tom Marcoux has trained CEOs, small business owners, and graduate students to speak with impact and gain audiences’ tremendous approval and cooperation. Learn how to present and get thunderous applause!

“Tom, Thanks for your coaching and work with me on revising my speech at a major university. Working with you has been so enlightening for me. Through your gentle prodding and guidance I was able to write a speech that connects with the audience. I wish everyone could experience the transformation I have undergone. You have helped me discover the warm and compelling stories that now make my speech reach hearts and uplift minds. This was truly an empowering experience. I cannot thank you enough for your great assistance.” — J.S.

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