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51gjiy0bzvlSoar with Confidence: An Executive Coach Reveals Secrets, Lies and Countermeasures So You Excel Like Top CEOs and Leaders – Pitch, Lead, Succeed

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Get the Advantages to take your business to a higher level. Learn Leadership Advantages, Pitch Advantages, and Success Advantages. To Soar with Confidence, you learn and use principles for top level communication to board members, team members and the media.
“Marcoux demonstrates how to “Prepare a Compelling Story that Moves Emotions.” He mentions techniques that he teaches clients for developing compelling Ted Talks.” – Dantalion Jones

Darkest Secrets of Charisma: Overcome the Lies about Personal Magnetism, Get People to Feel Your Charisma and Influence Others with Your Words

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Learn how you can tap into your natural gifts and tendencies to radiate Three Types of Charisma. Discover how to influence people with your words. “Marcoux explodes this myth: Charismatic people always feel comfortable before and during an important event, such as public speaking, networking or some other social event. This book shows how you can feel discomfort but still come across as confident and charismatic.The secrets include ways to radiate all three forms of charisma Marcoux describes as Warm Trust Charisma, Natural Charm Charisma and Magnetic Charisma.” – Danek Kaus

Darkest Secrets of Persuasion and Seduction Masters: How to Protect Yourself and Turn the Power to Good  – 2nd Edition

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Have you ever been persuaded to do something, and later regretted it? Did someone seduce you and break your heart? This invaluable guide, used by people in 15 countries and now in its second edition, will help you become immune to dark persuasion. Learn to use countermeasures to defend yourself against unethical persuasion and seduction tactics. Break any trance in which a salesperson is trying to get you to buy something not to your benefit. Discover the appropriate uses of persuasion and seduction when your intentions are good and you want to communicate effectively. For example, learn how to date out of your own league. Uncover the successful strategies of ten millionaires and billionaires. For over two decades, Tom Marcoux has helped clients and audiences recognize when persuasion and seduction is being used against them and how to protect themselves against manipulation. These are his best methods. Unleash your hidden power to protect yourself and get what you want. “Tom gives you useful countermeasures to protect you from being darkly manipulated.” – David Barron, co-author of Power Persuasion …….“Learn how to defend yourself against manipulation!” – Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Coach to Olympic Gold Medalists and CEOs, author of Your Performing Edge