“Pitch with Extreme Confidence: The Pitch Hacking Method” with Tom Marcoux — workshop via Igniters: Stanford Entrepreneurs


Get your ticket (early discount) “Pitch with Extreme Confidence: The Pitch Hacking Method” with Tom Marcoux — via Igniters: Stanford Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley Founders … This workshop gives you both the new skills and opportunities to practice them. Extreme Confidence does NOT merely come from knowledge of your text or focus area. People who pitch are often afraid because they do not know how to handle their mind going blank or an investor’s toughest question. They’re afraid of being embarrassed. Have you ever given a pitch and merely hoped that you would get through it without messing up? Just imagine having the Extreme Confidence to know that you can handle something—anything—going wrong.

It’s about learning what seizes attention and how to handle tough questions that build a real connection with the investors. It may seem that you’re talking to a group. But you’re talking to individual investors. They watch for how your body language and vocal tonality show that you’re on edge. Confidence is contagious. You express confidence, and the investors are confident in you—and you gain your funding. It’s all about creating trust. https://www.meetup.com/Igniter/events/237843482/

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